Starting a new business or creating a product requires hard work, dedication, sacrifice and a really good team. We’ll help you start your brand off on the right foot and keep your balance as your business evolves. We are a full-service studio that covers branding, packaging design, digital marketing, website design and development.


Studied journalism and anthropology. She worked as foreign correspondent for EL PAÍS in Washington for 7+ years where she focused on helping the team adjust to the digital revolution that took place in journalism after the 2008 economic recession.


Studied philosophy, Spanish language & translation. She worked as a TV news producer and video editor in Washington DC and Latin America where she covered relevant news reports for European TV stations (BBC, ZDF Germany, France 24, TVE Spain, etc) as well live coverage including the 2010 earthquake in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

How We Think


Before starting our project together, we’ll want to understand who you are and what you want your brand to represent. To that end, you will receive a Brand Questionnaire to tell us about your business, products and objectives. Alternatively, you can send us a brief along with your favorite visual references.

Think it all sounds better out loud? No sweat, we’ll book a 30-minute introductory video conference with you to hash out all the details.

How We Think — PLETÓRICA Designs Studio
How We Work — PLETÓRICA Designs Studio

How We Work


Our team will review your questionnaire and brief thoroughly and relay any follow-up questions.

Once we’ve defined your objectives, we will research your industry and brainstorm new concepts to addresses your specific pain points. We love a good visual so you’ll receive a lot of prototypes from us.

How We Collab


You and your team will evaluate our work and give us your honest feedback. We will absorb your assessment and open the next round of ideation or development.

We like to cast a wide net to capture as many good ideas as possible. We’re always looking for the simplest, most elegant solution. The one that looks good, feels right and just...works.

How We Collab — PLETÓRICA Designs Studio

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We design with passion; we develop with purpose. We craft a tailor-made sites to serve the unique needs of businesses and communities. Our packaging designs reflect the craftmanship and care our favorite brands put into their products.

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