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We believe online marketing can be graceful, thoughtful, and welcomed. We believe in marketing that inspires, uplifts and educates. We'll work with you to develop long-term strategies that cover website architecture, branded content and social media.


Great SEO begins with a clear, user-friendly website layout. If we built your site, we guarantee that it fits this mold. If you’ve already got a shop online, we’ll audit your web, recommend and implement adjustments in UX/UI. We have both design and development in-house so our team will work together to produce a beautiful, cohesive, easy-to-navigate portal.


We’ll to hang out in your community and become a member of your audience so we can understand their language. Then we’ll research your industry and give you the hard data to back up what we heard through the grapevine. This data, your Keyword Bank, will guide your content from product descriptions to weekly blog posts to meta descriptions.


We love finding just the right word to say that exact thing, you know? 

Fun fact: our studio includes former print and TV journalists from the US and Spain. 
We love to rhapsodize about great business ideas, enviable product designs and the latest trends in self-care.


We’ll maintain an updated collection of quality stock photos that speak to your core audience and aligns with the mood of your brand. This collection may be used for blog posts, social media campaigns, and scene setters throughout the site.


We believe in marketing that inspires, uplifts and educates. We create thoughtful social media campaigns for Pinterest and Instagram in the form of infographics, illustrations, and curated photo essays.


We’ll take care of the technical backend: Google Analytics, site speed optimization, meta descriptions, and image optimization for SEO.

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Shervin Mohseni — Elevated 8 Delta (USA)

"It was a pleasure working with Pletórica Designs. We explained our vision and they executed perfectly on the design. The communication was outstanding, I highly recommend working with Pletórica Designs."

Karyn Holiday — Children's Picture Book Author and Educator (USA)

"Working with Pletórica Designs was an excellent experience. They listened to my requirements, communicated well, and worked hard to make my project exactly as I imagined."

Vanessa Agyemang — Copper Dust London (UK)

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Cristina & Dyane, their patience and understanding were unwavering. I couldn't have asked for a better team."

Todd Lindlaw — True Grain (Canada)

"Pletórica Designs is an excellent web designer & developer team. They listen to your needs and respond with solutions. Clear and quick communication throughout. I highly recommend them!"

Chris Pocock — Hallmark Fraulo (UK)

"I am very happy with how my site looks and feels. Project was kept on schedule, kept informed at every review stage and Pletórica Designs delivered my vision. I will be utilizing their services in the near future."

Suganthan M. — Marketing Expert (Norway)

"Had a fantastic experience working with Pletórica. Good clean work and solid communication. Highly recommended."

Patrick Stull — San Francisco Photographer (USA)

"Exactly what I needed. Very competent, delivered things on time and most of all enjoyable to work with on a daily basis.”

Amy Coe — Interior Designer (USA)

"Working with Pletórica was super! They were very patient and attentive, communicated well and understood me.”

Niya Allen-Vatel — Career Expert (USA)

"Pletórica worked swiftly to enhance my website and create a shop page that's user friendly for my customers. Very professional. The work is top notch!”

Mike McDonald — Marketing Expert (USA)

"Very responsive. Easy to collaborate with and gave me just what I was looking for. Highly recommended."

Michelle Courtney Berry, TEDx, SXSW 2019 Speaker (USA)

"Pletórica was impeccable and their work was diligent, creative, thoughtful and inspired. They are wonderful and true artists —went above and beyond. Amazing work!”

"It was a pleasure working with them. Their work was fast and fluid; I have a website that I feel very identified with. I recommend their work, they are great to work with and very professional”

Holly Meehl, Los Angeles Independent Filmmaker (USA)

"Pletórica was amazing to work with! They did a great job putting our website together and we love how it turned out. They were also quick to respond and make adjustments as needed.”

John J. Hughes, Emotional Intelligence Assessment Expert (USA)

"A friend of mine recommended Pletórica. I was fortunate to get connected. I have gotten many compliments on my website. Thank you!”


We design with passion; we develop with purpose. We craft a tailor-made sites to serve the unique needs of businesses and communities. Our packaging designs reflect the craftmanship and care our favorite brands put into their products.

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