How does an unknown brand with just  one core product make a big Impression in the market?


  • Establish a new brand through visual storytelling
  • Draw in a socially conscious customer base
  • Build an engaging customer journey around one core product (5 variations)


  • Kenya is one of the leading tea producers in the world

    - Although the country is well-known for its place in the trade, its farmers struggle to earn comfortably and large corporations dominate the market.
    - Tea lovers worldwide consume Kenyan teas without knowing where it comes from

    - Yet an increasing number of consumers want to know the provenance of the products they use: who made them and in what conditions
  • Platforms like Shopify, Instagram, etc make it easier for small businesses in the developing world to enter the global market


  • Share values then sell the product: Create a user experience that feels more like opening a storybook than buying a consumer product online. Instead of overwhelming the customer with upsells and bundles at every turn, UX is focused on making space for the brand to tell its story in words and in images.
  • Who: Feature hard-working farmers prominently
  • What: A top-quality product you didn’t know came from Kenya, single origin organic tea
  • When: Share milestones along the year like planting and harvest season through content creation on a well-managed blog accessible to users from Home and Navigation
  • Where: Include wide landscape shots to transport the user to rolling Kenyan hills
  • How: Dedicate sufficient space (About Page) to help the user understand the value of traditional organic farming techniques
  • Why: Because Lahda is place where values align with actions


What appears to be a problem is actually an opportunity: telling a brand’s humble beginnings may be the best way to build community around it.

  • Research shows that consumers want to be part of the brand journey

    - If they know how it started, they will care about how it’s going
  • Knowing who makes a product increases its value to the customer
  • Transparency builds trust
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