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Elevated8 promises to “deliver a potent one of a kind uplifting and motivating feel with a calming body sensation.” This new California company sells Delta 8 THC gummies at the retail and wholesale level in four 4 delicious gummy flavors: green apple, strawberry watermelon, tangerine, and raspberry lemonade. Read more about our work below.

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Website Design (UX / UI)

Design exploration focused on this singular challenge: how do we make a great launch with one single product? The answer was boldness. 

As Robert Frost said, “it’s all in how you say a thing.”

So we said the thing, we told the story in bold old strokes. Using lifestyle images, we showcased the four flavors of the product in different settings. Customized iconography with gradient color schemes adds a touch of humor to the brand’s image. 

Web Development

During development, we relied on animation on hover (links, buttons) to create a lively user experience. 

Still, we understand that this is edible and customers need seriousness when it comes to the nutritional data. We also included a section where interested parties can read the full lab results on each product variation. 

Tools Used: Shopify, Shogun, Figma.

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