Oile Luxury Skincare

Oile is a luxury skincare brand concept inspired by the lush greens of the Mediterranean flora and traditional Iberian soap-making techniques. This brand consists of 7 lines of organic oil-based shampoos, conditioners and bar soaps. Created in response to increased consumer demand for clean and natural products, this project includes product concept, brand identity, brand story development, ecommerce, website design and development.

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How does a new skin/haircare brand stand out in the crowded market


  • Visually distinguish a new skincare brand from its competitors


  • Most skincare brands lean on the same UX model: a brief questionnaire tells the customer what products are most appropriate for their needs.
  • The market is oversaturated. In fact, beauty industry veteran Katherine Power is hoping to collect many of these brands into a global conglomerate.
  • Practically every claim has been made in the attempt to sell these products: from user-tested scientific formulations to the most obscure tribal secrets
  • Information-overload has led to a desire for fewer choices in this sector. New brands like Lesse and Merit Beauty are on the rise.


Given that the market is oversaturated, the UX focuses on providing a streamlined experience that:

  • Prioritized product showcase over brand story
  • Created a minimalist interface with little text and objects (products) that appear to be floating toward the user
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