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Sainte Victoire Winery is a brand concept inspired by the Provence wine region. The visual identity of the brand mirrors the hills and colors of the landscape. The ethos of the brand is minimalist luxury: quality without excess. We developed sleek packaging to match and created an easy-to-navigate website for the products.

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I took upon the challenge of creating a new brand for a multi-faceted business: a winery open to reservations for visits and workshops and an online shop for their wines that includes a subscription model.


Create distinct user journeys so that the visitor clearly understood that St. Victoire wines is:

  • A local winery open to customer visits, workshop hosting venue and lodging opportunities
  • A wine online shop
  • A site offering subscriptions to wine products for those in the journey of discovering new tastes, one bottle at a time


  • Reviewed recently launched brands from wineries in Europe as well as legacy brands that have been leading the sector in the region for decades in order to identify the branding, design and packaging opportunity to create a product that will stand out at first sight.
  • Researched the potential for a brand that offers not only a high-quality product but also relies on the location where it is made to show the power of authenticity when it comes to building trust with the customer.


Create a multi-layered website that reflects all the pillars that make such a strong brand:

  • Build a new home page that takes advantage of powerful imagery taken around the winery’s location
  • Design a visually appealing shop that allows customers to both purchase products or become subscribers
  • Add a section to the site where the owners would be able to tell the story of their winery and share with past and future customers the journey of creating some of the best wine in Europe.
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