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The Vitcare (TVC) provides subscriptions to personalized nutritional supplements in Spain and Portugal. Each personalized subscription plan focuses on three main pillars: Detox, Nutri, Mind. Each formula includes a specific set of vitamins and minerals based on the client’s dietary needs. We created Brand Identity, Logo Refresh, Packaging, Website Design (UX / UI), and Website Development. Read more about our work below.

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The product required the exposition of a great deal of written information to build trust among site visitors looking at a new brand of personalized vitamin supplements.  The onboarding process also required that visitors completed a test before purchasing their subscription in order for The Vitcare team to recommend the one that best suits their needs.


Create a very clear user journeys so that the visitor understood that:

  • The Vitcare had a medical team behind the vitamin recommendations
  • The brand values (selfcare, healthy lifestyle and sustainability) fully aligned with the product
  • The vitamin supplements served a holistic approach to their health


Client had a strong background in the medical sector and excellent knowledge of competitors

  • Review of the different sites provided by the Client, from similar brands in European and American markets to brands in adjacent sectors
  • Client revealed their motivations to bring this pioneering model of personnalized vitamin subscription over several interviews.


Create a clear onboarding flow for visitors:

  • Build an interactive test to gather visitors health and lifestyle related information at the same time as building trust with the brand
  • Offer exhaustive information about the content of the vitamin supplements’ combinations, all ingredients used as well as what each of them is recommended for so that customers have as much information as they need before making a purchase and committing to a monthly subscription


A healthy lifestyle relies on several pillars. In this case, The Vitcare offers a specific formula: 

  • The Detox line focused on ingredients that help the body cleanse and renew
  • Nutri provides supplements to sustain a healthy diet
  • Mind offers ingredients that help alleviate stress and promote restful sleep 

Brand development reflects the confidence of science and the joy of a balanced lifestyle.

Color Palette: 

A set of soothing and energizing colors. 


Foliage was the main source of inspiration for packaging. We created 8 custom boxes, each corresponding to a specific formulation of detox, nutri, mind. 

Website design (UX / UI)

Since the product requires the exposition of a great deal of written information, we leaned toward a website design of clean, easy-to-navigate layouts:

  • Substantial use of negative space to frame long texts
  • Branded Typeform test to determine each client’s subscription model 
  • 20+ educational guides that detail what each supplement line offers

Photo Styling and Image Curation

We curated a collection of 30+ images for the brand to use throughout its content and provided mockups and guidelines for the product photographer. 


The always legible Comfortaa serves as the main typeface. Round, friendly, comfortable on screen and in print. 

Tools and Software Used

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Figma, Typeform, WordPress, WooCommerce, GSuite (Slides, Sheets, Docs), Miro App.

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